Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Quest for the Best Breakfast Taco in North Austin

I have had tacos from a few places in the area, but I just can’t find one that compares to my number one, Anita’s in Bastrop, TX. I have asked a few folks about tacos in the area and tried them, but I am now asking my readers to help me out. I know many of you live or have lived in North Austin* and one of you is bound to know the place to go. I love breakfast tacos and in need your help.

Not only does the taco have to be amazing (which includes homemade tortillas), but the salsa that compliments the taco must be great as well. Normally, I order a potato, cheese and egg taco and cover it in salsa. The combination of all four flavors delights my taste buds and I am so desperate to find a place that serves this taco, I’m blogging about it! If you have eaten tacos with me, than you know what I am looking for and if you have any information concerning the Best Taco in North Austin because of you own personal experience, please let me know. I am looking forward to some amazing recommendations.

More time come…

*North Austin can also mean Pflugerville, Round Rock and Cedar Park.


velma said...

I LOVE Anitas!!!!! They have the best Queso!!!! I miss Bastrop some days... some days

i've gone a few times to a place in Round Rock on Mays st - Juarez Mexican Bakery - I've liked their breakfast tacos and salsa. http://austin.citysearch.com/profile/10196747/ review there and the address =) good luck on this hunt!

alan m rogers said...

I'm not much of a taco fan, but I hear Ken's Tacos is supposed to be fantastic, with huge tacos.

9408 Dessau Rd
Austin, TX 78754
(512) 837-9370

I wish you luck with your quest!