Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend Review: The 3rd Weekend in August (3 of 5)

This weekend was pretty low key as compared to the two previous weekends (1 & 2).

Friday after work I drove to Milano to “Meet the Eagles.” Shelbi, my sister in law, is a Junior High cheerleader and was performing at this before the school year pep-rally. Shelbi did a great job; I am looking forward to football season and catching a few of her games.

Saturday morning I worked some mandatory overtime. We recently were slammed with tons of calls and paperwork, so everyone is required to work a little extra, but how can you complain when you get paid extra. That afternoon I met Warren to join him in attending a baseball game in which Mike T. was taking the mound. Mike T. is my insurance agent, also an amazing ball player and he throws some heat. He ended the game with a no decision, but it was awesome to him throw and compete on such a high level with the “younger” guys. Warren and I enjoyed snow cones in Round Rock and had a wonderful time just hanging out.

I got some sad news on Saturday afternoon that my granny’s sister, Wilma, was not doing well. Growing up, Aunt Wilma would come see granny and the family on Sunday’s in Cedar Creek. Her spirit was always filled with joy, smiles and happiness. Today my dad called me and shared wonderful news that her health is improving and she is recovering. Please keep her in your prayers.

Saturday evening I had aspirations to work on a new video project, but couldn’t get myself off the couch. I ended up on the couch watching the 2008 Olympics. I enjoyed the sports that were aired Saturday night especially the swimming, but was a little surprised at the exclusive live coverage of the women’s marathon. I mean, all the wonderful shots of Beijing were wonderful (the Forbidden City was sweet), but I would have rather watched water polo than the marathon.

Sunday we had an amazing service. Sweet Feet Three was up to bat and hit home to many of the members. Basically, Jason referenced Paul’s conversion in Acts to remind us that ANYONE can change and we can either join in helping them find the right path or take a back seat. You can check the sermon series online at The Well in Austin.

Sunday afternoon I met up with Kari and many of her family members at a reunion. I drove through Bastrop and Buscher State Parks to meet up with them at the reunion location. I saw two deer (one buck) and three squirrels (one of the running in the road, go figure). We enjoyed good company, conversation and fired catfish. It was great to meet more members of my wife’s family and spend time with Kari as she takes care of Daniel. On a side note: Mom, we were in your neighborhood, but you didn’t answer your phone. Call when you get a chance (wink, wink).

I hope that each of you had a blessed weekend. Look forward to a few more posts this week, since I have a full week to put some fingers on the keyboard. God Bless.


Cassie said...

You know what's funny...James and I both love watching the marathon (and did on Saturday). It's a runner thing ;)

alan m rogers said...

I seem to be one of the few folk I know who's not all the interested in watching the Olympics.

It's probably another of those cultural failings on my part.

Dreamsaint certainly drove home some points this weekend. I realized I was subconsciously trying to talk my way out of sharing my experiences with Christ with my new gaming group.

I prayed through it and God helped me figure out why: it has been over five years since I've had any real group of friends.

Even at the Well, Dreamsaint and occasionally Fairey_Queen are the only people who keep in contact with me outside of Sunday mornings.

It's terrifying to think that after everything I've been through that, yet again, standing by and for what I believe in would cost me that.

I'm going to anyway. It's never stopped me before, and now there's more at stake than ever. I just have to trust God that if needs me to be with those folk, I'll stay with them.

And that if He decides I need to stay in my corner and keep waiting, I'll do that, too.