Tuesday, September 30, 2008

$700 Billion Reasons to…

I am not going to spend too much time on what I would do with a bailout package and why there shouldn’t be one, etc, but really does our federal government really need to prevent this? I know that businesses fail daily and don’t effect the economy as much as this might, but if you pick them up, dust them off and say “its ok, here’s $700 billion dollars,” what lessons are learned? I had a buddy tell me that he had heard if they divided that money up among all the Americans we would all be getting a check for $33,000. Sign me up!

Soul Ink is over(cue the tears) and I am sad. What an amazing series of sermons and media. Romans 12:9-21 is a call to live counter what many of us have been taught; basically love everyone NO MATTER WHAT and try to create peace wherever you go. It has been such a wonderful time of growth for me and I am looking forward to what God has in store for October.

Knight Rider was everything I imagined. I was a little disappointed that I was unable to watch it in HD, but I don’t pay for those channels, so I can’t complain too much. I enjoyed the show setup (from a plot stand point) and am looking forward to the developing plots to learn more about the new Michael Knight. KITT is awesome. I won’t spoil the show for anyone, but KITT does so much more than the previous KITT. Oh, and KITT is still a smarty pants! Kari and I had our buddy Alan over to watch the show and enjoyed some good eats and conversation.

Milano homecoming was great. The Eagles rolled over their opponent, thinking about it now; I don’t even know who they beat. It was a good game though. It was great to hang out with the in laws and my nephew Daniel. He is getting so big.

Reminder: I am looking for the funniest and most outrageous video online. It can be posted on any video hosting site (youtube, yahoo videos, myspace, etc.), but must have the capability to be embedded. A panel of judges (probably Kari and I) will narrow the videos down to a top 5 and from the top 5 the readers get to vote which one is the best video. The links must be e mailed to me at jeremyhellums@gmail.com reference Churched Book Giveaway in the subject line. Please don’t post links as comments. Any links posted as a comment will be disqualified. You can submit more than one link and if there is a duplicate link, it will be based on who submitted the link first. There is no purchase necessary. Remember the contest ends Midnight Friday, October 10th, 2008.

God Bless.


Jason Jones said...

Here's the problem with the Congress not acting on the Bail-out package. None of us know what the Great Depression was like, just that it was bad and mentally and emotionally affected that generation for the rest of their lives. We do know that when the credit crisis part of the Crash hit, banks ceased to loan money. In turn that caused the standstill of new business starts and expansion of domestic markets, two necessary elements in the success of free market economy. The standstill caused businesses to fail as their underpinning failed, etc. etc.

Internationally, our depression caused global depression. In the 1930's the resulting impact on Germany and therefore the world was culturally devastating and gave rise to despotism and world war.

Now I am as free-market as they come, almost Libertarian in fact, but something must be done to increase confidence, the bailout might not be the answer, true, but if this is just a continuance of the market reset, still something must be done; new legislation to kill the causes of these problems if nothing else.

There's your history lecture for the day :).

Jeremy Hellums said...

Maybe this is a better solution: http://connexionpastor.typepad.com/connexion_god_community_a/2008/10/a-common-sense.html

Jason Jones said...

Yep, I could back Ramsey's idea.