Thursday, October 02, 2008

Texas Parks & Wildlife Expo 2008

The working and passage of Texas Parks & Wildlife Expo on October 4-5 has become the “beginning of Fall” for me. This weekend I will be making the annual trip to South Austin to work the two day outdoor event for Jericho Light & Sound. According to the website in 2007, “over 42,000 visitors enjoyed Expo!” I am sure this number will increase for various reasons, but one of the greatest things about Expo is it’s free. You can bring the whole family to see shows, animals, go canoeing, shoot guns and so much more. Expo is an introduction to everything outdoors; for me, it’s a blast even though I’m working.

A couple of my favorite things about Expo: The Birds of Prey show hosted by Master Falconer John Karger with Last Chance Forever. This show will educate and “wow” anyone with the beauty and power of Red Tail Hawks, Bay Wing Hawks and several other species. Amazing Animals is hosted by Chris Bellows from Sea World. This show always draws a huge crowd (get there a little early) and like the namesake he brings amazing animals.

If you don’t have any weekend plans and are just looking for something to do; check out the website and make plans to visit Texas Parks & Wildlife Expo 2008. Have a great weekend.

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nicole said...

I didn't think I would "miss" all the fun stuff but I really noticed. It's the first year in the last 7 that I haven't helped or at least hung out while Warren worked. Glad ya'll had a "good" time working.