Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Cowboys are Back & Headed to Tampa

What an exciting time for “Cowboys Nation!” After week one, the ‘boys were just oozing with talent and on the brink of making an amazing run. Last night, the blue star continued to shine brightly in Texas Stadium. Not only did the Cowboys beat Reid’s Eagles they beat the boys in black and white (pass interference, come on ref!).

May I reminisce for a moment? (sure, its my blog!) Sitting on the bean bag in front of the TV in early 1993, we gathered around to watch the Dallas Cowboys face off against the Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl. The 1992-1993 season and Super Bowl was probably when I fell in love with the Dallas Cowboys (that and I was old enough to actually understand the game). Jimmy Johnson had led the Cowboys from out of the dredges of horrible football (remember 1-15 in 1989!) to winning football. Oh and I have to mention, I will remember the half time show forever. Michael Jackson came out from under the stage and stood still for what seemed like 5 minutes than blew the crowd away with his performance. Anyways, Buffalo fell 17 to Dallas’ 52 points. Ah, the glory days. I think we are about to see some more glory days. “How ‘bout them cowboys!”

Romo, TO, Barber, Jones, Thomas and Ware…I could go on, but I think these guys are ready to go back to the Super Bowl. This is me calling the Cowboys victory at Super Bowl XLIII after two games. There it is, I said it.

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100 % Agreement ...this year or never.