Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Getting Older (Not Really that Old)

I have few thoughts on my increasing age and some stuff that come with it. As a 27 year old married male I find myself:

-reading more of the bible, theology, personal memoirs and history.

-bolding telling people about Christ on a daily bases; it is exciting to share your faith knowing no word returns void in His name. There should be no fear in bringing up Jesus in almost every conversation you have with anyone, anytime, and anywhere.

-spending precious time with my wife because she encourages and loves me with all that she is no matter what.

-being more thankful for family and friends.

-doing fewer things on the internet than I did. My list of “things to do” on the internet includes: my blog, g mail, posting my videos on youtube (Check out Soul Ink) and about once a week facebook (since the new facebook, probably less now!). I don’t have time for anything more than this; really, who does!

-spending less time on my Xbox 360. Although it serves as a great DVD player; I play it about once a month, sometimes I go two months without playing.
This small list is just a fraction of what was running through my mind Wednesday morning. I would not trade any of them and am very thankful for all that God has blessed me and my family with. I hope and pray that each of you are doing well this week and are also grateful for all the blessings, life for instance, God has given you.

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nicole said...

Hey, I need your help. How can I post pictures using Flickr or the program you use onto my blog? Will xanga let me do it? You and Kari need to come visit and then you can teach me. :)

Weekend plans?