Monday, September 08, 2008

A Few Stories to Share…You Know, From the Weekend

Thursday night I burned the midnight oil and completed the first documentary in a series of four that is accompanying the current sermon series at the Well, Soul Ink. It is posted below and you can always check out new videos at

Friday I got to see a De Leon team play some polished High School football. While I was enjoying the great football, they were beating up on Milano so it was sad to see the boys in Maroon and Gold lose. Later that evening we watched I Am Legend. I got to open a birthday gift early and got a huge bag of Gummy Bears and I Am Legend DVD. My wife knows me all to well. To be honest, I couldn’t stay awake through the movie, so we hit the bed about midnight.

Saturday began the birthday celebrations. My mother in law, Ruth, asked me what I wanted for my birthday dinner and desert, I decided on chicken and dumplin’s and brownies with vanilla ice cream. Little did I know Ruth had not prepared chicken and dumplin’s in several years. She did a little research and made a few phone calls and for dinner we had some amazing chicken and dumplin’s. For dinner, Pop and Donna joined us in Milano for the birthday celebration. Donna brought some green bean casserole that had a jalapeño flavor that was awesome. At the end of dinner we had desert, brownies and vanilla ice cream, yummy! It was a great time out in the country eating great food and relaxing with family. Thanks for a great Saturday.

Sunday we kicked off Soul Ink. Soul Ink is based on the passage of scripture from Roman 12:9 through the end of the chapter. Major points: First and foremost, the first spiritual mark we should have is Jesus “tattooed” on our hearts. Second, love everyone. We are to love everyone, but hate the evil/sin that is in others lives. Instead we are called to “cling” or glue ourselves to the good in everyone and love them no matter what. The series started great and you can hear it soon on the web at I am looking forward to the rest of the month and whatever God has to teach me.

Sunday afternoon, we met up with my mother, Matt and Alex at Hula Hut (again, sorry Cassie). I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed Hula Hut till recently, but the last few blogs I have mentioned eating there…huh, it must be one of my favorites. We enjoyed some great eats and had Tres Leches for my birthday desert. I was filled to the max after that. Mom hooked me up with a sweet Astros shirt and a gift card. What a great lunch!

The Cowboys looked great and I enjoyed watching the ‘boys in HD too! My uncle asked me what I thought about the Cowboys, so I thought I would share to my fellow readers. I thought they looked amazing in the first half. As they marched down the field in the first half via running and passing they dominated the defensive. Romo threw clean passes and had time to eat a lunch while he was in the pocket. The second half was a little different, a few bumps in the road, but Cleveland was still no match for the Cowboys. I think they have a solid team. Rookie Felix Jones looked great running down the field and I like the great chemistry and attitudes from TO and Romo (squirting water at one another). It was an amazing 27th birthday.

I hope you each had a blessed weekend. God Bless.


Cassie said...

Nice to know you think of me :)

Just out of vicarious curiosity...what do you eat at Hula Hut? (you know, so I can drool)

Jeremy Hellums said...

Kari and I share the Chicken and Guacamole Tubular Taco with queso blanco (cause Will told us queso blanco was amazing and it is).

Cassie said...

Unbelievable! That's what James and I split (the tubular taco that is) we get the coconut shrimp appetizer...

Oh, I just had to ask! Now I'm REALLY hungry ;)

Jeremy Hellums said...

I probably could mail your one. ;) And some gravy from Hoovers for E-Man!

jayiin mistaya said...

I'm glad your birthday rocked!