Wednesday, September 10, 2008

“Have you stocked up on your hurricane supplies?”

I received this in an e mail from a good friend and than proceeded to joke about how people are crazy about over-reacting about the weather. With the pending “doom” in Austin of Hurricane Ike, which realistically has already caused much havoc for Cuba, but really, do people in Austin, TX need to be worried? Yes, it is a powerful storm; it has damaged an entire country, taken many lives, and there is no doubt it is a powerful storm. Now as the Texas coast prepares for the hurricane; I watch friends worry, shelves at the local HEB empty, and gas prices rise. WOW!

I think our local weather men are selling this shock intensive and fear laced lines for ratings. Frankly this is causing added stress, fear and much panic for many inland folks who under other conditions would be concerned, but not scared. I even caught myself about to text my wife, “Can you pick up some bottled water and summer sausage?” I put my phone down slowly and calmed myself down. An hour earlier, I could care less* about Hurricane Ike and its actual effects on me and my home, but now I am slightly worried (*I do care about the people of Cuba, which have been in my prayers). Why do we let this people into our heads and minds?

Instead rely on God. The Lord says, “May your unfailing love be my comfort…” Our comfort should be in His “unfailing love” and these fears should bounce off our armor. Basically, that Hurricane is coming, I could sit hear and worry about it all day; instead, I took a deep breathe said a quick prayer, and re-focused. Maybe it would be a good idea to have some bottled water, but I wouldn’t stock up a weeks provisions. God drives out fear and provides comfort.

TV Weathermen, please just report the news, we are going to tune in for it anyway. You don’t have to convey fear, with passionate scared facial expressions and heightened tones in your voice. Just tells us what we might expect, because you’re just guessing anyway.


Cassie said...

Preach it brother!

James said...

There is going to be some limited flooding, possibly even downtown near Shoals Ferry if we get 12in of rain over a few hours as is possible. If you are in a flood prone area, pick up the loose lawn chairs and pets. :)

jayiin mistaya said...

You forget - TV Weathermen are not just meteorologists - they are showmen.

*shrugs* They're doing their jobs. I don't get mad at them for that. I just hit the internets, get the facts.

And then make fun of the hurricane panic on my blog.