Monday, October 27, 2008

My Arm is Sore, Ouch!

This weekend was very relaxing and eye opening. Aaron, Randy, Dustin and I played an amazing game of Buns Up (or wall ball). I don’t know the origin of the game, but know that my cousins and I have played it since we were little.

If you haven’t played, basically you hit a solid wall with a tennis ball and when it returns you catch it. If you touch, touch-miss or get hit with it and don’t catch it, you have to touch the wall before you get pegged by another player. When you get three strikes, you face the wall “buns up” and other players (three) get to throw it at the person with three strikes. There are other various rules, but they are irrelevant at this point.

I was definitely the biggest loser in yesterday’s game. I was the only one on the wall three times and I feel like I threw my arm out. It was great fun to get out there and enjoy time with my family.

More on eye opening – In an effort to curb some of the soreness in my arm, I think it is about time to seriously consider a workout. I have not started my program yet, but I think I am going to focus on drinking more water, jogging and doing some other calisthenics. I am going to start my plan tomorrow, seeing that I had a coke earlier today. No seriously, I am going start this “program” and I would ask that you pass an encouraging word my way about working out (I’ll need it).

I hope that each of you had a great weekend. Reminder, check out the new poll on the right hand side. It is an anonymous poll, so I don’t have any clue who votes for who. Have a spooky week.

Why wasn't the vampire working?
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