Monday, October 27, 2008

“You probably should just move back to California.”

Now, I really don’t mean the above statement because I am glad my mother moved back to Texas, but I talked and saw my mom more when she lived in California than now. Although she has a good excuse, I wish we could get together more often.

My mom coaches in a small town outside of Austin and stays super busy daily. She will remain busy until the end of softball season, than her schedule will slow down some. It is great to have her back in Texas.

It just so happens, she not only is an amazing coach, but she takes some sweet pictures too. As I was putting together some of my pictures (seen below), I thought my mother needed to post some of her pictures. I got her laptop this weekend and she had 8 gigs of pictures. We went through them and picked out some of our favorites. We have posted a few here and you can find them in my Amazing Links. I will be adding more because I burned 2 cds full of her pictures, but didn’t have time to upload all of her pictures last night. Drop a comment and let me mom know what you think. Enjoy.

Concerning J.Hellums Photography, I have used various cameras to shoot: Canon Poweshot SD630 (Beach, NYC and Old Barn), Sony DSC-T200 (Spring Flowers) and Canon EOS Digital Rebel (Washington DC and Grapes). For editing, I use Adobe Photoshop and love it. J.Hellums Photography hopes to one day frame and sell some of the photos. Since I only have one order (and I plan to give it as a Christmas gift to my brother), I am not "pushing" the sell of any photo at this point. I hope that answers your questions, Cassie.

PS: Say a prayer for my buddy Richie.

God bless.


Cassie said...

Thank you sir :) I love photography and wish I could find a way to make money off of it...right now I just save $ because I take most of my kids pictures instead of going to a store (but for a whole family photo we do have pay someone ;) I am a digital nut. I use Photoshop Elements right now (also because I digitally scrapbook some of my photos) but I really want to check out Adobe Lightroom which is supposed to be amazing for editing. Anyway...continue taking your pics and showing them...I am busy enjoying your art!

nicole said...

Good choice of pictures for your mom's slideshow. She also has an eye for photography. Guess she was a good teacher for you. :)

I'd buy a few of the pictures you have taken like the DC train picture (except I claim partial ownership since it was my camera) and the boat picture.

And about voting...did you register so you could vote? Early voting is open so get to it!