Friday, October 10, 2008

Pennies, Nickels and Dimes

By 1929, an economic downturn known as the Great Depression hit worldwide. I remember hearing stories from and about my grandfather living through this time period (he was born in 1917). I always remember when we went shopping, we stocked up on non-perishable items. I have always found myself doing this and sometimes I will tell Kari while we are shopping, “grab one more of those, just in case.” She pointed this out one day in the store and I thought about how I was raised.

I don’t have extreme fear of this current economic crisis and can only hope we don’t see anything near the Great Depression, but have you ever imagined yourself in that time and place. Meals were skipped, many times they earned pennies and many lost their life savings in the blink of an eye. If these few conditions listed didn’t change your lifestyle, you didn’t survive.

I work in an office that is at a constant temperature of 70 degrees. The lights are always on. Plastic cups are disposable. Paper is often times wasted by the ream and thrown into the trash can, overlooking the recycle bin.

All the way from our apartment to cooperate America, I think we are about to see changes in how we spend money. I thought the changes would come with the $4.00 gallon gas, yes, there were some changes, but I think now, we are about to see lifestyle changes similar to those found in the Great Depression. Instead of walking past that nickel or dime on the street, people will start picking it up. I know personally, we have already started to adjust to whatever the economy might hold in store.

Whether is is a temporary dip or a depression, “what do you really need to survive,” might need to be your question, instead or “what do I want?”

More to come. Stay tuned to Insert Title Here and don’t forget about the book giveaway; tonight is the deadline.


velma said...

true true - We live so wastefully. I think some people have become better at this but for the majority, ya we throw money away. Then there is the whole need concept... what do we really need??? Do I need cable? Do I need the 200 chanels or could I just get by with the basic bunny ears? What about Halloween costumes? Can't I just be creative and make my kids costumes instead of buying them for $20-$30??? (but I also lack in the sewing skills so I may waste more money with this adventure then buying!)

Also, what about all the mega millionairs???? Can't they give money back to help others out? Can't we give money to help others instead of getting another Starbucks???

thanks now I feel guilty =)

nicole said...

who won?! Glad ya'll came out on Sat. We had a good time.