Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Red vs. Blue

The Washington Post has this chart at the following address. I found it interesting; I don’t know if I have actually seen a chart on how our candidates would "adjust" taxes. I don’t make my blog much of politic grandstand, but thought I would share this with my readers and encourage you to vote.

I was reminded last night by my wife and Will that I should probably go vote. Yes, I did consider not going to the polls because the Electoral College seems to do most of the “electing” anyway, but I was persuaded and looked up my registration. Check out this website; you can figure out if you are registered and if so in what city you are registered. Oh, and one more link, to find out who represents you check out Who Represents Me (for those not in Texas, I recommend google to find out the above info).

I will be driving over to Pflugerville to cast my vote. I don’t have to tell you, we are on the brink of history, whether Obama or McCain gets elected, it is a very important you exercise your freedom and right by participating in the election. Happy voting!

One more thing, whoever gets elected, God is still in control; He has, is and always will be. God Bless.

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