Wednesday, November 26, 2008

5 Things That I Find Addictive

I am not sure how I feel about being tagged, but I can’t be too opposed, because I am doing it. My wife was tagged recently to name the 10 things I love and she did an amazing job. So, The Fairy Queen tagged me to list the 5 things that I find addictive:

5. Mexican Food – I would say 8 out of 10 of my meals our Mexican food. I love the hot, spicy flavors Mexican food offers. Good salsa, chips and some enchiladas makes an amazing meal. My current favorite is a lunch special near our place: $3.99 two cheese enchiladas, rice, beans and two tortillas. I enjoy eating breakfast taco covered in great salsa. Sometimes I like to think my last name is Garcia, but sadly it is not. Mexican food is one habit I won’t be kicking.

4. DVD’s – I enjoy buying/watching movies. I learned quickly that I was not responsible enough to rent movies (pre Netflik), so I started buying movies. This comes with an added bonus because most DVD’s I buy have bonus footage that I also watch (you would not get this if you rented). I watch the film with the Director’s commentary at least once and than re-watch the film several times.

3. Insert Title Here – My blog is addicting. I do not believe people are on the edge of their seats waiting to see what I have to say, but I do enjoy sharing with those I don’t speak to daily what is going on. For example: I won’t see my parents for the holidays because we have already celebrated Thanksgiving with them and I wanted to share our latest on Baby news. Also, I enjoy writing or at least attempting to write.

2. Publications – I love buying books, newspapers and comic books. I am addicted to the smell, touch and look of something published. The new book cover, the black ink of newspaper and catchy comic book cover are almost a craving. I have a shelf full of books that 75% of them have been read, so I shouldn’t buy any books in a while, but somehow I do.

1. Making Films & Taking Pictures – I love making films and taking pictures. I enjoy writing, storyboarding, casting, filming and editing a project. I would have taken the video camera yesterday to our first appointment, but my battery was dead (I did take our camera, with a spare battery, but left it in my pocket). I don’t think I would have used it anyways cause I was pretty nervous, but I am addicted to making movies and taking pictures.

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velma said...

thanks for partaking in the fun!! And I was just thinking how your list really describes a lot about you! At least you have intellectual things, unlike me and the facebook and the office and firefly... but then geekdom I am!!!