Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Baby News: Press Release 11/25/2008

Austin, TX – Earlier this afternoon Kari and Jeremy had an exciting doctor’s appointment. The couple recently announced that they were having a baby. “Shocked, but very excited,” Jeremy commented days after learning that he was going to be a father. Both were very anxious about today's appointment.

Kari has been struggling with a nasty cough and cold, but recently took some advice from new mother, Nicole, and is feeling much better. “I think the Vick’s on my feet worked,” Kari exclaimed concerning the new treatment method. After mentioning the new method to Kari, she was not thrilled with the idea of sleeping with socks on, but has been very thankfully since she has been feeling better.

Today Kari woke up with a tummy ache, but that didn’t stop her from making fresh eggs and breakfast sausage. Yesterday marked the end of her in classroom student teaching in Pflugerville. “I’m done with school,” Kari proclaimed in a recent phone conversation with her husband. The last remaining step in her Road to Graduation will be graduating on December 19th.

Today’s appointment marked Week 6 of the gestation period for Baby. Kari and Jeremy were excited to learn that all seems well with the pregnancy and Baby is approximitly 0.3 centimeters long. Dr. Leeth gave Kari a good bill of health and showed the couple Baby's heartbeat. "Wow, there is a little heartbeat inside of you," Jeremy leaned over and told his wife after the examination.

Kari is a bit disappointed because she thought she was 9 weeks along and almost out of the "morning sickness period." They couple was informed that Kari should expect the worst sickness at Week 8. Kari responses to said sickness, "Oh great!" The projected due date, according to Dr. Leeth, is July 20, 2009. The couple asks to, "please continue to keep us in your prayers."

For more news and information on Baby stayed tuned to Insert Title Here.

God Bless.

*For updates via e mail; send Jeremy an e mail @ jeremyhellums@gmail.com


velma said...

Yeah!!! Love the baby pictures =) Its amazing how tiny they start. I always loved hearing the heartbeat. Very cool =)
Hopefully Kari will feel better soon =)

nicole said...

much better journalism than the previous post about Baby. :)

Have you given this little one a "name" to be called at least for the next 3 1/2 months?

Tell Kari that not all women get the morning sickness. Believe in the power of positive thinking.

stine said...

I am hoping that the baby pictures will start to get more detailed...lol.
I look forward to reading more breaking news on the wee one. Congrats daddy!!!

jayiin mistaya said...

Awesome! The first baby pictures!

There are lots of things you can do to settle an upset stomach - recommend using papaya enzyme. They're little sweet-flavored pills you can buy from the herb and vitamin section of your local HEB. They do wonders and are perfectly safe for baby!

(I can come up with a few other things if you guys are really interested in the homeopathic remedies. I'm pretty decent with that sort of thing.)

I'm excited for y'all. You're gonna make awesome parents!

Kim said...

aunt kim loves these pictures! LOL! i am so stoked for this peawee to arrive! counting the days! PRAYIN FOR YOU DAILY! LOVE YOU BOTH!

nicole said...

While a good thought, check with the doctor before using any herbal rememdies. Several of them on our the Do Not Use list.