Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Present Christmas: Part II

Since I have been married, spring of 2007, Kari and I make several arrangements with our family members. Many of our cousins are now starting there own families, as we are, so this compounds the scheduling. We travel to several cities in Texas including: Bastrop, Cedar Creek, College Station, Katy, La Grange, Milano, and Rockdale.

Our focus, during the holidays is spreading the joy of Christ to our families and enjoying conversations with our loved ones. It is a joy to catch up, play games and enjoy great food with our combined families.

Several of our Christmas’ have resorted to White Elephant gift giving games. These games range from the serious “good gift” to outrageous “re-gift” and “unwanted gift” exchanges. These forms of gift giving help curb some of the cost and usually cause much laughter among the family. We have enjoyed three of these already this season and have had a blast.

As we prepare for our last Christmas “alone,” Kari and I are exchanging one gift with a low limit and truly find joy in just one another’s company. That is what our Christmas looks like this year.

Stay tuned to the last post in this Christmas journey Future Christmas’. To catch up see Reminiscing Christmas: Part I

Merry Christmas Eve

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