Thursday, December 25, 2008

Future Christmas’: Part III

Our Christmas’ are about to change for good. Baby is planning to arrive in mid-July, so Christmas 2009 we will have a 5 month old with us. We are very excited to beginning our family and look forwarding to the many challenges of raising a child.

We have been talking/dreaming about what it will look like next year. On my side of the family, baby will be the first great-grandchild and first grandchild/nephew or niece to most of my family members. I know Uncle Aaron and Uncle Matt are very excited about becoming uncles. On Kari’s immediate side of the family, baby will make grandchild number three and great-grandchild number 23 (I think, I lost count).

Kari and I have talked about gift giving to our child differently than how we grew up. Both Kari and I experienced overwhelming amounts of gifts, which we are both thankful for, but are considering gifting differently. We haven’t completely worked out the details, but hope it will not encourage materialism and rather a celebration of life, family, friends and Christ. We’ll see how that works out or if it works at all.

I hope that you have enjoyed this Christmas Journey. For the first part check out: Reminiscing Christmas and Present Christmas.

We pray that each of you have had a blessed and joyous Christmas celebration. Merry Christmas from Jeremy, Kari and Baby. God Bless.

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velma said...

Its amazing how much everything changes with a baby!!! I'm glad you took the time to enjoy the last Christmas as two...

We had similar thoughts on Christmas.. then came the family's thoughts on Christmas. Our Christmas is so centered around our family and they all give gifts so its hard to make it "non-materialistic" -- even with them just giving one gift - you get 5 here, 4 there, 3 there and then one from us and then Santa comes... its crazy!

I have found that the time together has been the best for us. Watching the kids play with the dart guns - I mean men since Andy and my brother-in-law have been involved as well - but its fun to see them all playing together...

anywho - good luck with all that =) I know the heart of the issue is the most important and talking to the kid-o about why we give and Who gave so we could give... =) its all cool!