Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blizzard 2009: Central Texas

Austin, TX – We all know that it does get very cold here very often, but when it does usually panic and chaos breakout. Law enforcement usually records a record high number in accidents and most people find it to be a great excuse to be late for work (sorry boss).

I think I know why. I have attached a picture of my driver side window. Yes, I actually used that little hole to see out the left side of my car. I knew that my car was going to be iced over this morning, but I thought I had an ice scraper in my trunk (you might be thinking “you own an ice scraper!”). I think I bought one five years ago for some reason, maybe just to have one. I got in my car and quickly realized the defroster wasn’t going to do all the work for me.

I popped the trunk and searched for my novelty ice scraper. Instead of the scraper I found a CD. I don’t know what people do with 8-tracks; I do know people hang records on the wall and cassette tapes, what happened to them? Well I found a CD’s new use, an ice scraper.

I am wise enough to scrap off the windshield (at least I can see what is coming at me and where I am going, right?). I went to task scrapping my windshield off with a CD. It was going great until the CD snapped in half. By this point, there was plenty of ice removed so I hit the road. To consider driving mostly blind with a small hole to peek out of, I am certain the “I can drive it anyway” mentality is what causes most of those wrecks.

Well enough reflection, I made it to work without mishap and those around me seemed to be driving well too. I hope that everyone is staying warm and is having a great Wednesday. God Bless.

*Disclaimer: For those of you concerned that CD’s were harmed in my ice scrapping this morning, well one did split in half, but it was a burned CD probably full of music that I have saved to my hard drive anyway.

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Cassie said...

We have been introduced to the exciting phenomenon called "freezing fog" which results in iced windows even when there has been no measurable precipitation. This wondrous bit of weather usually seems to hit when I am running late getting Ethan to school, so that I have to take the time to clear of the windows so I don't run over one of his school mates. But for Christmas James got this marvelous little ice scraper that comes with its own mitten attached so your hand doesn't get cold while scraping. It came in his stocking at my parents' house and has been one of the most used silly looking presents we have ever received (well, that and Ethan's super cool snowball maker). Things that seem like an insane waste of money in Texas are actually quite useful around here :)

Glad you survived the blizzard :)