Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day: President Obama Take Office

Four year ago today, Will, Warren and I attended President George W. Bush's second inauguration. Today marks the end of Bush’s eight years and the beginning of President Barack Obama term in office. We had talked about attending this year, but current circumstances forced our decision to not attend.

Insert Title Here was not around in January 2005, so here are a few highlights from the inauguration:

  • The Metro (train) was packed like a can of sardines.
  • It was really cold, so we had huge coats on and thermal underwear (nice and warm!).
  • Security was tight and the lines were long.
  • We were so far from the capitol and video screens; we basically heard the inauguration instead of saw.
  • Our feet were frozen. There was a “light dusting” which equaled 3 inches of snow the day before, we got to stand on that…BRRRRR!
  • The parade was awesome, but the only glimpse of any politician we got to see was Dick Cheney’s hand waving as he rolled up the window.
  • Let’s not forget all the protestors!
I am disappointed we won’t be able to attend today’s ceremony (I just hope I get to see some of it on TV). I have not completely bought into this new administartion, but no matter what it is a very historic day for our country. I pray that our new President and his family make the move to the White House as easily as possible and he looks to God for guidence in the many decisions he will be faced with. God Bless.

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velma said...

from what I heard on TV this is a similar inauguration - cold, train packed, lots and lots of people...

I listened online. It was cool cause almost everyone here was trying to get the live stream to work so they could join in. Entraining because all our stuff is web-based so the live stream was making all applications slow so the non-watchers were upset over us watchers slowing down the internets.. ha ha...