Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Crown Films – 2008 4th Quarter News & 2009 1st Quarter Updates

Crown Films had a devastating 4th Quarter. After the filming a series of unreleased Mac vs. PC commercials, owner and operator Mr. Hellums misplaced his video camera charger. Concerning misplacement, there is a difference between lost and misplaced. Often times Mr. Hellums will hide things from himself and later find them. That was the case of the Missing Video Charger. On January 19, 2009, the case of the Missing Video Charger was solved. In a little pink bag with hearts by his wife’s night stand was the video charger. Crown Films did film a Christmas Show at the Well on Decemeber 14th and hopes to have the editing completed sometime in the first quarter. To sum up the entire 4th quarter of 2008, it was spent trying to find the video charger.

2009 1st Quarter has been successful because production is back on. I received an e mail recently from a buddy who was going through the Crown Films vault on youtube and found two missing films. These two films were pre-Crown Film days, but still projects credited to Mr. Hellums. Episode One and Episode Two: Chili Bowl are stand alone taunts to the students by the adults of FLBC about an upcoming flag football game. These films were released in 2005 and 2006, but never upload to youtube. They will be featured on Insert Title Here later this month.

Part of the 1st Quarter was spent searching for the camera charger, but during the rest of the quarter production planning has already begun. Discussions with The Barid-8 owner Cody about the resurrection of another Chili Bowl themed film is the most recent project Crown Films has considered. No details have been released yet, but rumors of another Chili Bowl film are increasing. After a lunch meeting with Phoenix Films (after some recent restructuring) owner Keith, several plots and scripts have been discussed by the two owners. No official announcement has been made about filming times and locations, but production is expected to start soon. In addition, Crown Films will be partnering up with Well Entertainment for more films in 2009.

Crown Films will also be working on a baby related film. Rumor of a documentary style film of his own wife’s pregnancy has been discussed. No formal agreement has been made with his wife at post time.

Stay tuned to Insert Title Here for more Crown Films news and releases.

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