Thursday, January 22, 2009

Timothy Geithner Endorsed by Senate Committee

In Washington, DC today the Senate Finance Committee voted 18-5 endorsing Timothy Geithner for the nomination of Treasury Secretary. I love the new change that has hit DC.
“Geithner apologized…for his past failure to pay more than $34,000 in self-employment taxes between 2001 and 2004.”
I apology for running the red light twice, can I get an appointment? Are you serious? $34,000 in tax dollars unpaid, sounds un-American to me and illegal. Oh and only 5 of our senate representatives see this as a problem, but 18 are okay with it.



jayiin mistaya said...

You know, I like a lot of decisions Obama has made. I may not agree with everything he wants to do, but I applaud him for making solid inroads on keeping his campaign promises in the first few days he's been in office.

This? This is the first thing he's done that seriously bothers me. I don't expect his cabinet picks to be perfect people.

I don't like all of them. Hilary Clinton, anyone? *shudders* My least favorite politician.

But this? Putting a criminal in charge of my nation's money?

That bothers me.

Really, Mr President? Really?

nicole said...

makes you wonder what they will do when it's not their money they are managing.