Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ever Put Hand Soap on Your Toothbrush?

As I was getting ready to take Kari to the hospital this morning for an upper abdominal ultrasound, I stood in front of the mirror and dispensed our hand soap on to my toothbrush. I guess I woke up or the size and color was wrong, but suddenly I realized what I was doing. I vigorously washed off my toothbrush with hot water before applying some toothpaste (I guess my toothbrush is clean now).

We headed for the car because the appointment was at 7:30am and my start time was 8:30am; plenty of time to have the scan, get Kari home and than go to work (or so I thought). I had a satchel with me and so I reached for the back seat door handle, but came up empty handed because it wasn’t there. I was attempting to open the backseat of a short bed pickup truck, not our vehicle. Kari asked, “Are you ok to drive?” I replied, “sure, I think.” I walked over to the right vehicle and we were on our way to the hospital.

The OBGYN wanted Kari to have an upper abdominal ultrasound to make sure everything was working properly in the liver, kidneys, etc. We checked in at 7:03am, but did not go back till about 8:00am. I was not worried about work because I had given a proper warning of my tardiness, but it was in the back of my mind. I was able to watch the ultrasound and see Kari’s organs. It was highly interesting.

Kari asked, “Can we see Baby?” The ultrasound operator replied, “I was going to surprise you with that. We will wrap this up and check on Baby.” I was excited with anticipation. If you recall, the last time we saw Baby, he or she was the size of a grain of rice. On Tuesday, Kari and I got to hear the heartbeat which sounded like, “whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.” That was very exciting.

Mr. Ultrasound operator, asked, “If we had seen the baby since our first ultrasound,” and we replied, “no.” He said, “OK, than I will let you take the first picture of baby!” WOW, what an awesome overwhelming excitement enveloped me. I took hold of the instrument and pressed down against Kari’s tummy. A head popped up on the screen, than arms, a body and a pair of legs. I am pretty sure Baby waved at me. He pointed out the nose, lips and than inquired, “Are you guys going to find out if it is a boy or a girl?” We looked at one another and replied, “Yes!” He smiled and said, “Alright, let’s see what we can find...”

Since this wasn’t the official ultrasound scheduled on February 18, 2009, we are going to wait on the findings of Mr. Ultrasound operator till than, so stay tuned to Insert Title Here for the official announcement.

Tune in tomorrow for Friday Movie Pick. God Bless


velma said...

I have done similar things... grab the conditioner first instead of the shampoo. I've washed my hair with my face soap which has these tiny beads in it for exfoliating... ya...

How very very exciting!! I bet baby Hellums was very excited about ya'll getting to see =)

Waiting on the edge of my chair for the news... =)

Cassie said...

Just wait until Baby gets are just getting warmed up!!

Very cool to see the sonogram...can't wait to see a picture and to hear boy or girl! Very exciting!!!