Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hot Hearts 2009 – Highland Lakes Encampment

Kari and I headed out to the camp in Spicewood to help put the finishing touches on sound and lights for the annual Hot Hearts Conference on Friday morning. The event was being held in the brand new Miles Auditorium. As some of you know, Miles Auditorium burned to the ground in December of 2006. Countless men and women worked without sleep and days off to hold the first event in the new auditorium this past weekend (although work is still needed, it was complete enough to have this event).

33 Miles, Mike Satterfield and Skitzo headlined the event and did a great job. As stage manager and green room host, Kari and I spent a good amount of time with each of these talented people and were very impressed by each of them. One of my friends asked 33 Miles, “You guys have gotten big over the last year, what do you think about that?” One of the band members replied, “We don’t know it.” I think this is such a great response in our “me society.” These guys were very classy and a pleasure to work with.

Bro. Mike Satterfield brought the Word. It is always a pleasure and a joy to work with and hear Mike preach. God used Mike in such a way that after the conference concluded over 35 students had made decisions to follow Christ (and only God knows how many seeds were planted!). Mike shared he recently resigned from his church and is now a full-time evangelist (don’t forget to keep him in your prayers as he embarks on this new stage in his ministry).

Skitzo, the hilarious Christian drama team, brought down the house with laughter. Chris H. leads this comedy group and always has everyone laughing no matter what. We enjoyed the bonus comedy show in the green room.

The auditorium was very live and the band, maybe a little too loud at times, but the volume did make improvements at each session. Overall, I think it still needs work, but it was great first event in Miles Auditorium. I believe God is going to continue to use Highland Lakes in a mighty way and I am excited to hear how the summer goes.


Jackie Lura said...

I agree! Miles needs a little acustics (i dont know how to spell that word) finishing touch but the building is such a blessing and Hot Hearts was a blast!

God is Good!

Jeremy Hellums said...

I think the guy could have turned it down some and it would have made HUGH improvements! :)

Thanks for the comment.