Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Baby’s First Teddy Bear

“Someone from Missourah loves me.”
Yesterday in the mail our son received his first Teddy Bear from Aunt Kim. Technically it is the second “bear” he has received (the first bear he received was an Alaskan bear, very cool), but this guy is a “teddy bear.” He is wearing the blue shirt with the above quote and a diaper. He has the classic teddy bear look and custom made for baby boy Hellums.

I got to thinking why I found this moment so significant and I think it stems from a stuffed animal I received from my Granny. I am not sure how old I was, but as a Christmas gift from my Granny I received a skunk. Thankfully this skunk did not stink. I was not like Linus, but my skunk did help me fall asleep at night.

Another significant stuffed animal is a bear from FAO Schwartz in New York City. I am not sure when Kari and I bought him, but he is a very fluffy and soft dark brown bear. The bear does not sleep with us, but can be found on our bed or the guest bed from time to time.

Each of these items left lifelong impressions on me and created wonderful memories. I am looking forward to our baby creating memories and these bears will likely be some of his first memories. What an amazing thought!

Do you have a stuffed animal that brings back a memory?

Have a great Tuesday. God Bless.


Kim said...

THAT IS RIGHT!!!! lol....i am glad you loved it! ha ha! and kari just discovered a little message in his arm today! lol..when looking at it squeeze his right arm and its chants I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU! i about fell over laughing! i can't help but spoil my little nephew! :) that is precious! love aunt kim!

Sara said...

Ogidee Dog lives in a basket in our room with his sister Samantha. Samantha was supposed to replace Ogidee dog after his head fell off, but it did not work. Ogidee Dog has had knee surgery, head reattachment surgery and is almost ready for nose reconstruction. He went through the autoclave to be with me when I was in isolation.