Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Two Year Anniversary

Two years ago today, Kari and I said, "I do." We had a blast at our wedding. It was a day that we were surrounded by many loved ones and the day Brother Jimmy gave Kari her nickname Karemy. It has been suggested that we name our first born Karemy, but I think we are going to pass.

We are going to mainly just hang out at the house and spend time together. No huge dinner plans or movie night, just a little good old fashion hanging out time. We might put a few wedding pictures into a wedding book, but there's no telling how the day will go.

Speaking of anniversaries, Happy Anniversary to Stan and Windy B. We hope that you guys have a great day too.

Other news: Our baby is kicking ALL the time. Last night my mom, Big Momma, came over and she was able to feel him kick, she was very excited. It is so amazing to be able to feel our baby moving and kicking daily.

God Bless and have a great Tuesday.


jayiin mistaya said...

Happy anniversary!

I M Jacob said...

2 years...what did she do...plea bargin??