Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Trip to the Hospital

Yesterday I took Kari to the hospital because she had been throwing up for 12 hours. The baby was moving the entire time as she was sick, but in order to prevent dehydration we headed to Round Rock.

Baby Hellums is doing fine. After 1 liter of fluid and some anti-nausea medication, which made her sleepy, she started to feel better mid-Saturday afternoon. We stayed at the hospital for several hours. Baby's heartbeat was stong and fine throughout the afternoon.

Kari has not thrown up since yesterday at noon, praise the Lord. She slept the rest of the day away and woke up with a headache.

We thank everyone for the continued prayers. God Bless.

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Cassie said...

Oh I am feeling for her today!!! I'm glad that Baby is doing great...Mommy just needs to hold on for a few more weeks :) I hope that she is like me and feels better almost instantly after giving birth...that was such a relief!!

I'll be praying for you guys :)