Saturday, January 02, 2010

Coming Soon in 2010: Hellums Baby Number Two


How far along is she? We are not for certain as of yet; we will be going to the doctor sometime in the next couple of weeks. (I am sure I will post more details after that appointment.)

Were you planning this? No. Too many times Kari and I make plans, but God has a completely different plan. I said this a few times, "I am not sure if we would have planned Baby Number Two, so this works."

Was Kari taking birth control? Yes and as my boss likes to say, "That baby is going to come out with its fist clinched around a little pill."

Are you excited? I am very excited, but shocked. Who wouldn't want three more little "Landon" babies! :) It has been a wonderful first six months and I am looking forward to having another baby.

Is Kari sick again? Yes. She has already started throwing up and snacking all day long. I guess we should have realized something was up when she started snacking again at weird hours.

Do you have a name picked out? We do have a girl name picked out, but not a boy name. Upon birth we will announce the name of Baby Number Two.

Do you want a boy or a girl? Yes. We are praying for a healthy and strong baby. I think Kari would like a girl, but I want another boy.

If I missed anything, please feel free to ask. We would ask that you pray for Kari, Landon and I as we travel down another year of pregnancy.


nicole said...

the FAQs is a nice touch to keep you from being bombarded with the same thing over and over again. :)

Jeremy Hellums said...

I thought it was a fun way to share the news. Thanks.

Penny said...

i love that there is another little one for me to squeeze:)