Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Prayerfully Consider Friends of Highland Lakes Camp

As most of you know, I currently serve at Highland Lakes Camp in Spicewood, TX. Highland Lakes has been a very special place for me for more than eleven years. In the Summer of 1998, I accepted the Lord as my Saviour. This instilled within me a passion to serve others in the name of the Lord. Another amazing divine appointment at Highland Lakes was the Summer of 2005, when I met my wife Kari in Miles Auditorium and most recently the Lord called Kari and I to live and work at Highland Lakes in April of 2009.

Highland Lakes Camp is a place for ANYONE to come: to find the Lord, meet with God here in worship and prayer, enjoy Christian fellowship and SO many other ways. I was just one of the 16,700+ who have commited their lives to Christ over the last 50 years at Highland Lakes Camp. That is an average of 334 people annually who come to know the Lord. Isn't that an amazing thing to praise the Lord for?

Our new Director of Development and Church Relations, Rod Cordsen, has put together a monthly giving program designed to invite every person who is connected to Highland Lakes Camp either from coming to camp here, participating in a retreat, being a member of a local church connected to the work of the camp and our 12 associational Baptist churches and their members to join together in reaching our communities for Christ. Our staff and board are already the largest financial supporters of the camp and that is due to first God's call on their lives and second their understanding of what God is doing here and finally their belief that it is important in the kingdom.

What does all that mean for the readers of Insert Title Here?

I am asking for your help and join Kari and I in becoming a Friend of Highland Lakes Camp. We have submitted our paper work and our asking you to join us in supporting Friends of Highland Lakes Camp.

It is easy. You can follow the link and set up your monthly donation online, call the camp (1-888-222-3482) and talk to Rod Cordsen or download the form from the website and mail it in. If you have any questions email me.

God Bless.

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