Monday, March 22, 2010

10 Recommendations for the Obama Administration

This was previously written, but somehow I forgot to post it. Here it is:

2009 was such an amazing first year for the Obama Administration, I thought I would give him a few tips.

Dear Obama Administration,

Here are a few things I would like to see in 2010. I hope you make them all possible.

1. Ban vehicles in America. Let the auto industry operate along side the government with a Auto Czar and only sell vehicles as exports.

2. Due to the ban on vehicles heavily promote mass transportation. Build more trains, bicycle lanes and walking paths for people to get around on.

3. Raise taxes. I think if you take away more of our money it will be better for everyone.

4. Enact a strict censorship law on all media banning any negative talk about the Obama Administration.

5. Start DNA profiling every American, except elected officials, in order to more accurately track individuals.

6. Tear down the White House and build a more green and efficient place to run the nation.

7. Mandate that everyone should have a dog. If the president has one, than we should all have one.

8. Tell John McCain that it is no longer election time, implying that during the campaign he was just lying (he was.)

9. Ram the health care bill on millions of American who don't want it (this is a HIGHLY possibility.)

10. Ban freespeech so people like you and I can't write blogs like this!

Have a great 2010, Mr. President.

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Morgan said...

Man that was good...

To bad that the jamming of the healthcare is going on as we speak ...