Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Hellums Family Vacation: I

(from Landon's perspective)

After Dad got off work, we loaded the rocketship and I got buckled into my seat (I hate my car seat). Mommy reminded Daddy to pray for our trip, so we prayed as a family than we took off for Galveston. We traveled for about four hours. Traffic was light and Mommy was set on having Shrimp & Stuff for dinner; closing time is 8pm. We arrived on the Island just in time to have dinner were Mommy wanted. The food looked good, but all I had was a cracker. We checked into our hotel on the seawall and I got to see the Gulf of Mexico for the first time.

Monday morning I woke up at about 7:30am. I slept seven hours straight, giving Mommy and Daddy some good sleep. We got out early to explore the Island. Mommy told us a story about my Pawpaw (her dad) trading a hog for seafood. We stumbled on the place Sampson and Son's and Mom exclaimed, "This is where Dad traded the hog!" We pulled in, near the pier and Mom insisted we take pictures in front of the store front. We talked to a man named Don, a nice guy, who took our picture with Galveston Bay and the shrimp boats behind us. Don told us about the 78 year old shrimp boat captain Sampson and Son's buys all their shrimp from; he was across the bay culling through his days catch. Don said, "Go over there and watch him. Tell 'em Don sent ya." We walked over to the pier and watch Mr. Jerome pitch sting rays, little fish and sharks back into the water or into a pelicans mouth. After taking a few pictures we went over to Shrimp & Stuff for lunch.

After lunch we went to the candy store, La Kings on the Strand. I tried my first root beer float and rode a mechanical boat and horse. Than I experienced another exciting first, I got to swim in a large bathtub (swimming pool). After getting cleaned up in our room we went to a new restaurant Miller's Seawall Grill (new to us). Daddy really enjoyed his food, but Mommy, not so much. During our visit to Miller's, Dad and I walked around the restaurant talking with the other patrons (I was getting sleepy). As I rode back to the hotel, outside my window was a full moon over the gulf. This sight made a beautiful picture to the end of our wonderful day.

Landon slept a straight eight hours waking up into day two about 5:30am. We took a little nap, but got up in time to watch the d
sunrise; another beautiful sight of Galveston. We ate some breakfast and than went back to the room for a nap. Aunt Ashley, cousins Daniel and Lydia came to visit (along with a new friend Katherine.). We ate skimp & stuff for lunch and than hit the stand. We went down to the candy store again and had some ice cream. On our way back to the car we signed up for a free cruise. More details to come on day three. Than went the beach with Ashley and kids. It was Landon's first time to dip his feet in the gulf of Mexico an play in the sand. After just a little bit of sun and sand we headed back to the room for a bath and a nap. For dinner we headed to Rain Forest Cafe.

Wednesday we went to a new place (well they are all new to me) called Bennos. Daddy really loves boudin and that was one of the menu items. We has to eat fast, but the food was great. Daddy says we will be going back to Bennos again soon. We ate fast because we went to a presentation. As I mentioned earlier we signed up for a free cruise, but first we had to go through a presentation. After the presentation we did receive a $40 American Express Card, 5 day cruise, and 3 nights stay at a resort. From what I understand, we will be playing another vacation sometime in the near future. Later that evening we had dinner with Blaine and Lauren at Landry's on the seawall. We enjoyed a good dinner and great conversation with my new friends. I did have a chance to put on a show while we were there. Daddy thought it would be funny if I tried a lemon. I didn't like it (of course) and made a bunch of funny faces and several people got a few laughs (not Mommy though).

Thursday morning Mommy and Daddy packed up while I napped. With one last trip to Shrimp & Stuff (I think Mommy and Daddy like Shrimp & Stuff), we enjoyed our last meal in Galveston. Before we left the Island, we made two more stops. One of them was at Murdoch's Bathhouse. I got my first souvenirs and Daddy picked up a history of the Island book (Hurricane Ike destroyed Murdoch's in 2008). For our last stop, Mommy and Daddy took me to Moody Gardens Aquarium for the first time. We looked at sharks, stingrays, but my favorite were the penguins. They swim right by the glass that I was leaning on and I think maybe one of them winked at me. When I got bored, I chased Mommy and the stroller. It was a fun and relaxing vacation. On our way home I got a little fussy, I mean I had already been in the car for two and a half hours, so Mommy and Daddy decided to stop in Columbus. My family, the Frei's (I mentioned earlier), said we could swing by for dinner. What we thought would just be dinner, turned into us staying the night. I had fun playing with Daniel and Lydia that evening and the next morning.

I hope you enjoyed my telling of The Hellums Family Vacation: I. Soon enough, our next vacation will include my little brother, Hellums Baby Boy Number Two. Have a great day.

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