Thursday, April 15, 2010

Watching Landon Grow Up

I am pretty sure every parent I talk to reminds me that your kids, "grow up fast." I can't say I wasn't told, but it is so true. Sometimes I try to imagine when he would just lay on the floor and look at whatever was directly above him or when he didn't mind if I changed his diaper.

Kids really do grow up fast.

Landon is quickly approaching 10 months and he is in to everything. We did not baby proof fast enough, as some of you know (see the broken vase). We are scrambling now to get some baby proofing done. Did you know that it is really hard to install those baby proof deals on cabinets?

The other day Landon smashed his fingers in his hamper. It is one of those that is wooden and two pieces of wood fold apart to make it stand up on. As he was holding one of the legs he knocked it over; as he held on, the other leg closed on his pinkie and ring finger. Kari said she had to pull really hard, hard enough she thought she would pull his fingers off and that his fingers were flattened. I had a chance to come home and hold him for a few moments, but the heartache is indescribable. Later Kari asked me what we could to do prevent him from getting hurt. My only suggestion was to move into a bubble.

Landon eats almost anything, although we haven't tried jalapenos or salsa yet (he has been since he was 3 months old).

He has two different smiles. One is a flat grin (which his Grammy loves) and the other is big, usually mouth open and two shiny dimples. Its pretty cool to hear people say, "he is always smiling." What a joy!

Landon loves to laugh. He laughs because he is ticklish all over (especially his back) and just because. He loves laughing at sounds and faces. Currently my ringtone when Kari calls is Landon laughing as hard as he can at his Mommy.

He is now starting to stand up on his own. Landon crawls and walks (with his train or rocketship) fast across the room. If his Mommy is on the other side of the house, she can call his name and he will plow through anything to get to her.

In the morning I go get him and he always attacks Mommy first thing in the morning. After he makes sure she is awake he will come back to me and normally we brush our teeth together. He gets into those cabinets that aren't baby proofed and pulls out whatever he can find. Most of the time making sure he puts it in his mouth.

Having children is amazing. I am so thankful to live and work at a place where I can see him so much more than I imagine anywhere else. They grow up fast; so if you are about to have a little one, I am now echoing those that told me:
"Enjoy it now, because they grow up fast and before you know it they will be asking for the car keys."
God Bless and have a great weekend.


Cassie said...

They do grow up fast...I remember the days of E getting into everything and the baby proofing (which kept going higher up as he went from crawling, to walking, to climbing). Some of it I miss (but some I do NOT). The most important thing for me is to relish where ever they are in the moment, because that moment will pass. The good news is that more moments come and to me both of my kids get progressively cooler...and my love just grows (probably after accumulating all the previous moments). Enjoy all of your moments with Landon and your coming-soon moments with Baby Hellums #2 :)

jayiin mistaya said...

You know, I'm not a parent. Never will be, barring a God drastically changing my path. (It would have to be a very drastic change.)

So I can't really imagine what it's like to be a father or watch a baby grow up - but I feel blessed to be able to read your journey as you walk it.