Friday, May 07, 2010

Radical: Taking Back Your Faith From The American Dream

Written By and Review By: Rod Cordsen

The "gospel" of the American Dream has infiltrated ever part of our American lives including the church. We spend more money every year on luxuries; even the building we meet in, the house we live in and the comforts to make life easier. We even say things like, "well that is our culture and we must go where they are to meet them and use their things and ways to draw them into the church."

In Radical, David Platt teaches very clearly the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and it doesn't look anything like the American Dream. When Jesus tells the rich man to sell all he has and give it to the poor and follow Him, we say things like, "that is not what he really means," or "we are not rich." True discipleship is a total surrender of yourself, your things, your ways and your comforts for the sake of the Gospel. We call that radical.

Platt is encouraging each of us to live the "Radical Experiment" for one year; beleive and obey what we have heard. Don't just give our scraps, but give our excess even to the point of pain. Seek out what our real responsibility is in discipling the nations. The challenge is to just preach the Gospel, disciple these who know Him and baptize them. By our transformed lives, Jesus Chirst will make Himself known and be glorfied. he will also draw the lost and save those who hear His Good News.

You are blessed by God for a global purpose. The world needs Radical followers of Christ more thanever! Read Radical and take your faith back from the American Dream.

Take up your cross...Abandon everything for the Gospel.

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