Sunday, May 09, 2010

Preparation for Summer Time

I am very excited that Summer 2010 is almost arrived at Highland Lakes Camp. I have enjoyed six straight summers here and am looking forward to my seventh.

Camp holds many, many, many opportunities for ministry. From the 50 college students who sacrifice 12 weeks of their summer to serve in the hot sun on the Recreation staff to the Public Relations staff who lose sleep editing video; the approximately 10,000 guests who come through the gates of HLCCC and the program guests I get to work with seven weeks out of the summer. It is such a honor and blessing to serve at Highland Lakes.

I would ask that you begin praying for our Summer Missions Team (those 50 college students I mentioned), the students attending camp and the HLCCC staff. Please pray for a boldness to share the Gospel daily, strength, and perseverance. We praise and thank the Lord for Summer 2010 and look forward to all the many exciting works You are going to do.

God Bless.

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