Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Old Man or Sick Kid?

I recently caught myself telling stories about poop and vomit and thought a couple of things: I am getting to be a sick old man or I have a sick kid.

For the past several days Landon has had diarrhea and been throwing up. I just want to say thrown up milk is one of the worst smells, textures and hardest things to clean up. When thrown up milk gets on you, the stink does not go away. I sat next to John Mark the other morning in chapel and had to apologize for vomit smell I was wearing.

Enough about vomit...Landon is doing better. I got home from work yesterday and Kari exclaimed, "Landon had a solid poop!"

Logan is doing great. No poop or vomit from him, yet, but he is getting bigger (he does poop, just not diarrhea). We are scheduling a one month photo session with Cordsen Photography, so we will have some new pictures posted soon.

God Bless.

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