Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Red Couch & White Couch

When Kari and I were first married we bought a living room set. When we saw it in the store it was set up in such a way that the full size couch was white and the love seat was red. We loved the setup because the rug tied the entire set together, so that is the way we bought it. We still love our living room set, but we confess that we did not consider children (or a messy man) when we chose a white couch.

Kari is away visiting her family right now, but I can truly say, "she is still at home."

The other evening I went to the kitchen to get a dinner/snack and found chips and salsa. As I walked into the living room I debated in my head which couch to sit on. In my head I heard, "Jeremy, please sit on the red couch since you are eating salsa," and I listened.

I pressed play on the episode of wrestling I was watching and started snacking. On the second chip, somehow I knocked the entire bowl of salsa out of my hand and it went everywhere...except on the white couch! I raced to the kitchen to grab towels to scrub up my mess.

I am thankful for several reasons: a) I was't sitting on the white couch; b) you can't even tell I spilled anything; and c) I learned listening to your wife is actually a good thing (even when she is not present).

I hope you have a great day and know that probably 95% of the time, your wife does know what she is talking about. God Bless.


Kate said...

that's awesome. Yup...us wives...we almost always know what we're talking about. I am the first to admit that we have our moments. But they're just moments. :) Good man listening to your wife. She has you well trained. At least on the couches. :)

nicole said...

Kari will want the bottom 2 lines printed out and posted on the fridge in giant letters for future reference. :)