Thursday, September 02, 2010

Mini Vacation

What turned into a day off here and there turned into a mini vacation. I am so blessed to have Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday off. This will allow me a chance to re-charge my "getting old" batteries.

Sunday we will be attending my brothers couples shower in Red Rock. My brother Aaron and his wife Katie are having a little girl in about five weeks. I am so excited to be an Uncle on the Hellums side of my family. Just seeing some of the pictures Aaron and Katie recently took, just makes me so much more excited for my little brother becoming a father. I am certain he will make a great father.

Kari, the boys, and I will be spending time in Milano with her parents. Honestly, when I get to Milano I shut down. I go into complete vacation mode; I know that there is going to be sweet tea, rest, great food and since it is fall Friday night high school football. Logan has not attended his first high school football game, so we will be looking to put that notch on his belt.

A trip to College Station is scheduled to celebrate Kari's grandmother birthday, September 1st.

Today, Logan is one month old! It is amazing how fast he is growing. Landon and Logan are both a little sick, so please keep them in your prayers.

God Bless.

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