Friday, September 10, 2010

Tales from Fatherhood

After much thought, I believe it is worthy of my blog to note two gross firsts that happened to me Labor Day Monday morning at about 5am.

For the first time about five, Logan vomited on me. Kari and I decided to try a little formula with him to see if he would sleep a little better. It seemed to have cause another effect: hence I was vomited on by my one month old. I am sure it won't be the last time.

Later that morning at about 8am, Landon awoke from his slumber. Thinking I could get a few more minutes to snooze, I prepared another Pedialyte bottle for him (we learned that milk products are not settling well on his tummy; uncertain if he is lactose intolerance yet). As I rocked him, we did both fall asleep till 10am, but in those two hours Landon urinated on me.

In less than 5 hours, I had been vomited on and urinated on! What a way to start the morning.

God Bless.

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