Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reflections on Parenthood

"The storehouse of knowledge that comes with parenthood, overflows." - Jeremy Hellums
Since July 4, 2009, Kari and I have been on the path of parenthood and have learned so many things.  Sometimes I attempt to reflect on what I have learned, but there is no way possible I will ever recount everything I have learned.  It maybe the case that something will arise later in life and I will just "know," but parenthood is to credit.

  • Learning how to communicate with someone who does not talk or who's pronunciation is not developed is possible.
  • Guessing is always an option.
  • Kids are slippery when wet; both from a diaper and from the bathtub.
  • Moving slowly is rarely an option, but Mommy seems to always be faster.
  • Precious moments are right in front of you; live in them, do not dread or dislike them.
  • They maybe small today, but when the wake up in the morning, they have grown.
  • Laughter fixes almost everything.
  • Sleep is not necessary; you body can do amazing things.
These are just a few of the many, many, many things I am learning.  I know that we are blessed to have these two boys and will do our best to shine for Jesus as we raise them.

Let the learning continue.  God Bless.

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Bobbo said...

I enjoy this a lot, your souch a good father and I hope someday I can be a good father.