Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hellums Family Update

The boys are growing way to fast, so fast that when sitting in front of the screen I can't think of all the things that are happening in our house.

Landon is talking all the time. Some of his words include: milk, golf cart, boom (which means pound it), dadamomma (now sometimes one word), and many many more. His latest toy that he loves is a football. We get in the yard and toss the football to one another and he just can't get enough of playing ball. Landon made a football connect recently while holding the ball when I turned the TV on to a game. He pointed and said, "ball!"

There has been a resurgence in his love for the swing, so much that today we had to go swing outside in the cold air. Tonight will be a first attempt in Landon sleeping in a big boy bed. Today Kari converted his bed and we'll see how he does tonight. He will be 17 months on Saturday. Landon is now enjoying scrambled eggs, asparagus and loves pasta. It is amazing how often he smiles; maybe all babies smile, but both Landon and Logan smile all the time.

Logan now rolls over from his belly to back every time he wakes up. He is an amazing sleeper. I am pretty sure he could sleep through a hurricane. He typically sleeps from 8pm to 6 or 7am every night. He is now smiling often, following objects including his Momma, who he is always keeping a close eye on.

He has had several laughing fits and one recent memorable laughing fit was when Landon smacked him in the chest. We thought Logan was about to cry, but Logan burst into laughter after Landon smacked him good in the chest. Logan is enjoying eating rice cereal and can put some bottles away. His 4 month checkup is this week, so we will now soon how much he is weighing. He is a TV bug. When the TV is on, Logan is watching it.

Kari and I are doing well. Besides getting older and starting to have aches and pains, we both can say we don't have gray hair yet, but could see how it is possible. We have our home decorated for Christmas and Landon hasn't torn down the tree...yet.

I hope that everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving and that you and your families are doing well. God Bless.

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