Friday, December 03, 2010

Scam Scared?

Why do I always believe someone is running a scam?

We were watching some infomercial because Little Einsteins ended and Kari asked me this morning, "Do you believe in the product they are selling?" My response was not to specific, but along the lines of a little yes and heavy no.

Why am I writing about this? Well the question made me consider, "Why do I always believe someone is running a scam?" Have I been cheated or fooled one to many times? I am not sure where my leary nature comes from, but I do have a hard time believing the next latest greatest thing is worth my money.

Am I overanalyzing? Maybe, but I do think that sometimes I am more apt to say no than yes to something and that is not necessarily a bad thing unless it was a good thing I should have said yes too. Therein lies the problem: sometimes it is not a bad thing, but I assume it is.

Read a ton of reviews, asks your neighbors or just stop watching infomercials are some solutions.


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