Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Christmas Season

Several years ago I was very hum-bug about Christmas, but I credit the Georgetown Christmas stroll for changing that attitude in my life.  Not that I had anything against the celebration from a spiritual aspect, but just the decoration, singing and stuff...I don't know, maybe I was just having a bad year.  All to say, Christmas is one of my all time favorite seasons of the year.

In addition to the colder temperatures, there is good winter time eats: stew, chili, tamales and stuffing.  I have already been enjoying many of these meals and am thankful to have such a wonderful wife that prepares them.

Christmas is changing for Kari and I.  Although we both agree we are still kids at heart, it is becoming less about us and more about our boys.  We want to find a good balance for our boys and hope they grasp and understand that Christmas is more than toys and candy apples.

More to come on this topic...stay tuned to Insert Title Here.  God Bless.

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