Saturday, November 05, 2011

Chapter Six: What Happened Next

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John-Thomas was a skilled rifleman. He had served in Desert Storm and the early years of Operation Freedom; he was a reserved man, but understood what it took to carry out a mission. John-Thomas was now operating in "mission mode."

He immediately left to find out what window had been broken and why.

I clung to my weapon and let my mind wander for a moment, "I hope the boys have after school activities...I don't want them involved...what is really happening..." were just a few of the thoughts. I needed to regain composure and focus on the task at hand.

Two shots were heard from the other side of the property. John-Thomas is either shooting or being shot at.

As I came around the corner into the utility room, I saw John-Thomas standing on the patio lowering his weapon. "Did you shoot?" he yelled at me.

"No!" with a hint of panic.

I stepped outside to survey the patio and two creatures lay dead; one directly in front of John-Thomas and the other behind him. "Someone is helping us," he acknowledged, "but I didn't tell anyone what was going on here."

I scanned the outskirts of the property and did not see anyone. "Where's the third creature?" I exclaimed. The hair on the back my neck began to tingle; suddenly two bat-like arms wrapped around my waist pulling me back into the house.

This concludes Chapter Six: What Happened Next

Please note, this is a work of fiction, currently being hashed out here at Insert Title Here. Thoughts, ideas and story is the property of the author.

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