Friday, November 04, 2011

Chapter Five: Behind the Scenes

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Not a single news station, newspaper or website published what happened next, but that's probably because those involved agreed never to speak of what happened that afternoon. As the three waited with every intention of doing whatever it took to survive, a black ops team stood by to clean up the mess.

The creatures were not unknown to the government, but kept secret for various reasons. The creatures had first been sighted on the northern coast of Washington four years ago and since than were under constant surveillance, teams were assigned in zones all across the country. Team Lambda 2 had been on alert for the last 36 hours and had been monitoring the situation the entire time.

Team Lambda 2 was poised and ready to do anything necessary...

This concludes Chapter Five: Behind the Scenes

Please note, this is a work of fiction, currently being hashed out here at Insert Title Here. Thoughts, ideas and story is the property of the author.

Chapter Six: What Happened Next

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