Thursday, August 09, 2012

Graduation 2012: Texas State University

I am excited to be graduating from Texas State University. My mother, my wife, my sister in law, my little brother, two 1st cousins and many friends have all gone before me, but tomorrow is my day.

In 2006, Kari and I were dating, she looked my transcript over and said you lack 18 hours until you're done, but 10 of it is Spanish! In the fall of 2011, with a renewed excitement, I decided to delay no more; graduation was my aim.

Here we go! After all the paperwork goes through, I should have my
diploma in September (I think they mail all of them). I am ready to hang one in my office and Kari mentioned putting ours side by side at home.

I am very excited to close this chapter and proud to be a Bobcat from Texas State University - San Marcos.

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged, pushed, pulled, prayed...thank you to everyone! Thank you all and all praise to the Lord.

God bless.

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