Wednesday, July 17, 2013

If Church was like Facebook

If church was like Facebook, we would have at our way! We could block, we could delete friends whenever we wanted. We could put whatever message we wanted on the screen or reading in the pastor's mouth or pick the music and style. If Facebook looks like church we would be able to post whatever photos we wanted and we could have it our way. If Facebook looked like church we could even be a completely different person, maybe even not a Christ-follower.

Praise God, the church is not like Facebook, there might not be any members because it would be all about us and our way.

Scripture is very clear Facebook is nothing like church! The church is the bride of Christ. As believers in Christ, you and I make up the church.

Forgiveness. Redemption. Grafted in. One member suffers, we all suffer. Valuable parts of the body of Christ. Each with our own job (see 1 Corinthians chapters 12-14).

The church is nothing like Facebook. You and I, as Christians, need to grasp this concept and begin to honor God's designed vehicle for His spread of His name. He established it and we attempt to make it ours!

"It's not about you," Rick Warren wrote. Facebook is about you, but what if  before you typed, posted, blocked, or deleted, you put on the mind and aroma of Christ. Would the church begin to permeate through Facebook? 

Only if its about Him and not you.


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