Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Wednesday Rush

As it seems, I am rushed, but than I consider a self-question, but couldn't you have read that stuff earlier and wrote the paper these weekend and remember I am lazy, and thereby not truly rushed. I have just completed my weekly "Reflection Paper" for Early American History. I don't mind writing them because; I have to write a book review (four pages) and can use the "Reflection Papers" as review. It is official, the Jackalopes defeated the Warthogs! I have been listening to the new David Crowder album A Collision, I highly recommend it. They cover Hank Williams' I Saw The Light, it is an nice version of the tune. It seems a little bit random this evening, but I just wanted to throw some stuff out there.

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Princess Kari said...

Just remember, ur not the only procrastionator out there...but one of us needs to start getting out of that, whatever will we do?!?! Oh, we'll be fine. I love you and I miss u like CRAZY, Im ready to see you again, please tell me it will be soon! I hope u have a wonderful day tomorrow, I will be praying for you as u are gonna be workin EXTRA hard!! Call when u get the chance...LOVE ME