Wednesday, October 12, 2005

It got Cold!

I did get cold, but I still wore shorts. I got to do some work this weekend. We did an installation at the Lockhart High School gym. At the same time, I listened to the new U2, finally! It is not a bad little album. I am sitting in a coffee shop, and a young lady just walked in with a vintage Astros jersey and reminded me that tonight Game 1 kicks off versus the St. Louis Cardinals. Go Astros! I went to Breakaway in College Station with Kari and heard Pastor Matt Chandler of the Village Church in Highland Park, TX. He is on fire and I look forward to hearing his sermons online. Kari and I went out to eat with her friends and got full on chips! What a bad feeling!!! I don't have too much more...Softball, Thursday night, double header! Yeppie. Ok. Out.


velma said...

i am also equally disappointed in the lack of coldness in the "cold weather"

U2-- always good, but yes, this album is exceptional. the last song and Sometimes you can't make it on your own are my favorites

Matt Chandler went to HSU.. he was a great speaker then. He lead the BIG 3 univeristy thign called Grace..

Kari said...

What a sweetheart u are for adding me on ur blog....i thought i was special to ya, but wasnt too sure...just kidding, i know u love me baby and i love you!!!