Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Day Three in NYC

Day Three: The first item on the agenda was the memorial to Ulysses S. Grant. He was the commander of the Civil War and also the President of the United States (remember I am getting a History degree). The memorial contained the tomb of General Grant and his wife, Julia Dent Grant. Before arriving at the memorial, to the Southeast of Grant's tomb is the Riverside Church of New York City. It's tower reached up towards the heaven caught us by surprise. Next on the agenda, was The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine. Along the way, we crossed the Columbia University campus and a Theological Seminary. After a few blocks South we arrived at the massive Gothic church which begun in 1892 and is still unfinished with one-thirds of the construction still pending. After viewing the massive church, we went North to the Bronx to see Yankee Stadium. As a baseball fan, it is necessary to pay baseball respects even to the Yankees. We snapped some photos and headed back to the island. We went to Rockefeller Center to see the ice skating and live Christmas tree. After pushing and many "excuse me's", we made it through the crowd and headed North to our reservations at Tavern on the Green. On our way to Tavern on the Green, we stopped by and viewed Saint Patrick Cathedral. After walking many blocks we arrived at Tavern on the Green. The atmosphere was wonderful and it was a beautifully decorated restaurant. Central Park is somewhat famous for it's carriage rides, so I thought it would be sweet to take Kari on a carriage ride. We boarded the carriage at Tavern on the Green and enjoyed a romantic carriage ride through Central Park. The evening concluded with a subway ride home to the hotel and a last stop at a Korean grocery store for some essentials (we stayed in Little Korea).

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kari diana said...

and it was very romantic i might add!! good blogs baby..its about time! love you