Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Last Official Day in NYC

Day Four: In planning the trip weather was to be great the first three days of our visit, but rain was predicted for the fourth day. Typically, according to residents, the first three clear days were a rarity. Considering this information, we had planned to go to The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) on the rainy day. We packed up our room and took our bags downstairs to be checked and headed to the MET. Along the way, it was decided we needed some breakfast and just and escape from the rain. We found an old fashioned soda bar (for lack of better titles). We sat at the diners bar and eat a meal that was cooked in front of us. It was a wonderful experience. The rain continued, but it did not stop us. We drugged onward to the MET. Upon arriving at the MET, I quickly realized that many people had thought similar about the "rain day" and the lines of people out the front steps was evidence enough. There was a special display of Vincent Van Gogh's drawings which I would have loved to seen, but the two hour line would not allow for me to see them. Instead I was able to see some Assyrian wall art, Turkish pottery, American paintings, and some medieval armor (swords too!). We rushed out of the MET back to the hotel to catch a cab to the airport. We caught a cab and headed to the airport. After checking in we found out there would be a delay. I am uncertain of the specific, but the airport told us we would be staying in Chicago that night. With no desire to stay in Chicago, we did our best to get to Houston. About three hours later we found a flight to Houston's Hobby Airport. The twist is we flew out of George Bush Intercontinental and our luggage was headed to Chicago. We arrived at Hobby at about 10pm and rented a car to go to Northwest Houston to stay the night and retrieve our baggage in the morning. We ate some Taco Cabana and crashed. The next morning, we went to George Bush Intercontinental in hopes of getting our baggage. Thankfully it had arrived and was still there. We headed back to Milano and that concludes the highlights of our NYC trip.

*If you are trying to catch up, please read The New Year for Day One (just scroll down).

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