Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wednesday Night

This evening was an exciting night for the youth. Our church has been without a Youth Minister for about a year and a half and it seems the Lord has a man hand picked. The pastor let the youth know that he would be coming to meet them soon. Some of the younger kids have not even had a chance to get to know and learn from a youth pastor, so it will be such a blessing to have a man he will be growing the young people of FLBC.

Kari joined me for church this evening. She has not been feeling well the past few days, but let some smiles shine this evening. The evening went well with a last minute stop at the DQ with JMob. I had a banana split, Kari had a vanilla cone, and JMob had a chocolate milk shake. Hum...and I just listed off everything we ate!!! I will stop there and wish everyone a good week.

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velma said...

got any of that bannana split left? I'm hungry!!

I will pray for a smooth transition!!