Saturday, September 09, 2006

Twenty-five Years!

September 7th was my twenty-fifth birthday. Kari had a Superman theme party for me at her apartment. She had already given me two early gifts for my birthday, but still got me some gifts. She got me a maroon Texas State shirt, some sun glasses and my favorite body wash, Ax. That evening we went and played racketball (I was victorious). I received many phone calls, messages, and posts from many and I am thankful for all your birthday wishes. I appreciate everyone taking time to wish me a happy birthday. Friday, my father drove to San Marcos. He and I had Chinese buffet at A Taste of China. He gave me a Time magazine from the aftermath of September 11th and a book entitled 80 Days that Changed the World. Later that evening, Kari and I joined Nic and Jo at Game Three of Pacific Coast Playoffs in Round Rock. The Round Rock Express came into the game even with the Nashville Sound, both winning one game. The National Anthem was sang, and than the rain began to fall. Nic and I tried to stick it out, but we decided the gift shop was good shelter. We stayed inside to allow the rain let up and eventually it did and we watched the opening pitch. It rained throughout the game and eventually we decided to move to the Home Run Porch (covered seats, overlooking left field). When we arrived to some open seats, the ninth inning completed with a score of 5-5. The announcer stated, "The game will resume in thirty minutes due to the rain." We waited patiently and were treated to the fireworks show during the wait. The game resumed play, and we returned to our seats. ***WARNING*** Graphic baseball details to follow: In the Top of the 10th, one out and the bases loaded, it seemed that Round Rock was about to loose a second game. The pitcher brought his "A" game and struck out the next to batters closing out the top of the 10th. In the Bottom of the 10th, two Round Rock players stepped up to the plate and were hit by the pitcher. With two men on, the last batter got up and smashed a base hit to complete the game. Round Rock 6 Nashville 5. It was a wonderful time and quality baseball. Tune in next time...

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